BBC announcer: Difficult To Talk About God In Employment

Jeremy Vine BBC announcer talking about the difficulties faced in his life as a Christian in a discussion on the radio.

In an interview with the magazine Reform, Radio 2 and Panorama announcer acknowledged that the difficulty to find the middle road between the trust with the job.

"Did I live in a strange life? A journalist paid to not use the corner of the eyes and looked. But we all know that we would do so. We all do things differently. We all have a different mind," he said to the magazine Reform .

"One of the things that I think, that may sound strange is that the Christ who said what about himself. I do not hold to say that when I showtimes; I think there are boundaries between mind and when I do a job ".

Vine berkonversi who became a Christian at the age of twenty years to follow the flow of Anglican, said that in practice is a problematic for him to mensharingkan faith during the discussion on the radio program.

"Only say without even thinking it will be harmful. Just because something is true it does not mean you can you say it. This is an important principle. One time I put the card on the belief that with me in a discussion, it would be a problem."

He was to continue that, "you can not express a view on the common 30 or 40 years ago. The debate about the parameters that you used as the" thinking in the right "is possible. The sad again, at the same facts also show that most people almost can not receiving word that you believe in God. "

Although he is not about faith mensharingkan time on the radio, Vine said that the discussion about God always trigger a very big response. "Spend the energy," he said.

Diakuinya, that he himself wrestled with the morality of issues beyond the dipandunya.

Jeremy Vine "I try to work out where there are likely other parts of the BBC's Jeremy Vine show as Jeremy Vine who was a Christian. I have never claimed that being a Christian will make me become a better person, let alone become a better announcer , "he said.

"I will never say it. For me, family, church, prayer, hope - and a job is another matter. From time to time I ask themselves," Is this a form of moral program? "And I am happy karna I can not answer it.

About the church at this time, he was on, "I know the church has been receiving a lot of attacks and is in a turmoil, but we ourselves are in the turmoil. And chaos is our life.

"I feel concerned about the church as it continues to hit the wall which is in the church filled with good people. But the church without the pain will be a place that is not fun, a place that truly frightening.

World record, with the cell cloning General tab

Seoul, FRIDAY - For the first time in the world, biotechnology scientists in South Korea successfully use an dog tail cells. The success of this increasingly stabilizing cloning research in South Korea as the best in the world since an successful dog for the first time in the world two years ago.

With this technique, biotechnology company that was founded South Korea cloning experts from Seoul National University successfully an ekor two types of small dogs well beagle. They extract the cells from the parent cells network body fat dog mother. Both the cloning of dogs is named Magic and Stem was born on Tuesday (27 / 1) from the womb, a dog "lift" from the type of golden retrivier.


Parent cells was already successfully used the U.S. and Japanese scientists to an animal such as mice, pigs and deer. However, this time the new cells was successfully used for the parent an dogs.

The researchers recognized that South Korea cloning expert dog since successfully done so in 2005. A type of dog cloning Afghan who was named Snuppy resulting from cell body (somatik) the mother is taken from the skin. Cloning dogs are difficult because the level kompleksitasnya.

The success of cloning to use more sophisticated parent cells because the cells are master cells which can grow into any cell, namely meat, bones, hair, and so forth. In addition, the success of this promising increase in the level of success so that cloning is cheaper. RNL BIO plan even directly mengomersialkan technique.

So far, RNL Bio has opened bookings for cloning a dog using body cells (somatik). Head of the team that make cloning scientist Lee Byeong-Chun, said his side has an 35 dogs and 5 wolves tails during the last three years. One of them is the order of a U.S. woman.


Samsung omnia, Ponsel demand in January 2009.

Samsung i910 omnia mobile phone still sit in first in the 'Top 10 Selling Mobile Phones' issued distributor Swedish origin, Krusell in January 2009. Samsung's success is at once end the domination Nokia, Sonny erricson or Apple iPhone, which is the position of the first mobile phone subscription terlaris.

As dilansir Cellular-News, Friday (30/1/2009) ranking is a description of the mobile phone sales in 50 countries worldwide.

"List in January 2009 is indeed very different, because during the 2008 list of the phone is always on the terlaris domination Krusell Nokia and Sony Ericsson," said Managing Director Krusell, Ulf Sandberg.

Nevertheless, five Nokia mobile phone output is still in the list of 10 mobile phone terlaris the brand-brand, such as HTC, Sony Ericsson, and BlackBerry.

"I think later in February Blackberry Storm will increase the ranking of one or even two ranking," said Sandberg.

10 Ponsel Terlaris January 2009 version Krusell
1. Samsung SGH-i900/i910 omnia
2. HTC Touch HD
3. Nokia E51
4. BlackBerry Storm
5. Nokia 6300
6. Nokia 3109
7. Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia
8. Nokia E71
9. Nokia 6220
10.HTC Diamond.



Disturbance in 1999 to create children's Maluku trauma, and also learn the spirit of slack. Creativity can not afford them because of fear that issued very worsen. Practical, not too much resonance events for children Maluku. However, after the condition of the city of Ambon and other cities in the province of Maluku back condition. Movement to generate enthusiasm and creativity of children Maluku, held back. All children Maluku-race competition to prove that they can compete and have a quality that is not lost with the children of Indonesia the other. In this paper, authors will share their experiences and stories about the competition that followed. Do not forget the many examples where the Maluku Children of talents, and courage to compete.
Science Olympiad is a competition that I follow. Olympic science subjects include field MIPA, namely Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. Olympics end of this science lesson with Computers, Astronomy, and Economics. This annual competition aims to introduce students to the Field of Science and will appear the successor to the nation a respite in the field of Science & Technology, so that Indonesia will not be behind in the future. Science Olympiad is able to print the students Maluku superior in every field. Through the selection process from the school level, until the province. Who will be representing the Province of Maluku to compete with other excellent students from all over Indonesia. With the slogan "Come to compete Be the Answer." According to the author notes, the schools that often spawn the champion in the academic field is SMPK Kalam Kudus Ambon and SMAN 1 Ambon. This is caused by the high attention of the school in improving the quality of the students. Achievements successfully printed the best children's Maluku at the national level is a silver Medal National Science Olympiad 2006, Jakarta in the name of Shelvy Leasa, now student SMAN 1 Ambon. One example is Candra Tahya, the scent of Maluku to international level.
Patimura University Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences immediate response of the importance of competition among students in the city of Ambon to bear seeds in the field of academic excellence. With the Olympics msk (Mathematics, Statistics, Computers) for high school students, and Science Olympiad for primary school students. With this race, can eliminate the negative paradigm that is the lesson that scourge when ditandingkan study. And create a competitive spirit in the field. This event has been conducted a few years.
In addition to the event for academics, the author also "jamboree Adolescent Level Klasis City" which take place in the camp Wayari, the event aims to foster partnership among young people Klasis City Church in Ambon, Maluku shape the young generation in a strong field of academic and spirituality . It is also expected that the participants can live independently, held on 25-30 September 2006. All participants in each group were divided men and women who represent gerejanya. Without any sense of the differences will be bashful all participants can benefit from picking this event, creativity and courage required in the various competitions are held, do not forget the cooperation and solidarity in each group. There are competitions Mading, Poetry, Bible carefully Smart, Cook, and the most exciting and challenging is Outbond around the river Wayari.
Event which has just done to foster the love of children will Maluku and cultural wealth of history, is ARUNG HISTORY BAHARI 2007 and KEMAH CULTURE MALUKU 2007. Held 25-27 June 2007 at the Negri Want, Saparua. According to one participant activities, namely Patty Parker. SMAN 1, which represents South menuturkan event that was followed by 4 students and 1 teacher assistant in each high school & CMS, and students who are interested in the field of archaeological history. The event aims to recognize the history Hongitochten / Kora-kora (a means of transportation for the Dutch nobleman, and as a tool of war), and closer cultural traditions and the local community. "We can interact with the villagers and understand the process of staple food from Maluku such as sago, sempe, sarut, bagea, etc.. "firm Parker, when requested kesannya-effect when the event.
One of the achievements that have not lost glory also came from students of SMAN 1 Ambon, the Taufan Tallib. He became Paskibraka in 2006, as the son of best Maluku. Can follow the events that followed the national stage-level officials of State, is one of the kebanggan for Taufan Tallib.
Academic competition is discussed now compete voice competition is not it the name of Maluku in Indonesia, who else, if not Wilson, Alumnus SMAN 2 Ambon record this record as a successful Maluku Indonesian Idol Finalists. Figure that one is able to unify this community support Maluku in Indonesia to become the next idol Indonesia clearly achievement Wilson is already proving that the land is warehouse Maluku artists of quality. Providing enhanced and was not impossible to become stars. Hany not forget also that the Indonesian Idol but stopped in round Workshop.
Abreast of events and competitions are paparkan author, is a concrete evidence that the younger generation Maluku is the next generation of quality in various fields. Various constraints such as limited human resources, infrastructure, and the attention of the local government. Should not be a reason to stop young people Maluku stimulate and develop themselves. However, many of dropping Maluku let the younger generation to prove that children Maluku exist with the achievement of glory. BE ALIVE MALUKU YOUTH

Bios author
Full name: steven sitongan
Pen name: Steven
Age: 16 years
sex: male
Email address:
Short profile: I are still in high school students as n 1 South, based in Ambon, born and grow up in the city of Ambon, hoby have in the field of writing, and are currently exist in the blog

Nintendo power of Sony and Microsoft

Nintendo power of Sony and Microsoft
Nintendo successful game console market power. Difference with competitors enough signifikan.Nintendo holiday season will be the end of 2008 with good news. According to GfK Australia, the independent market observer said that the Nintendo DS game console at this time sold more than 1.5 million units. News released by the press that Nintendo Australia said that own the console Nintendo DS console is the most in demand and able to achieve the sales numbers in the 194 was launched after sunday.

Similar to the DS, Nintendo Wii is also capable sold 750 thousand units during the 102 sunday sales. That makes Wii consoles into the fastest penetrate the sale figures.

In addition, Wii Music also appears to be one of the profitable business units for Nintendo, especially in Australia. Until 23 November 2008, Wii Music successfully sell more than 28 thousand copies songs.

In the game, Wii Fit continue to hold the highest sales for 12 consecutive sunday. Meanwhile ago sunday, sunday to 46 years in 2008, is a sunday where Wii record the highest weekly sales record, that is, as many as 35 thousand units.

How about the level of sales in the world? According to data collected VIVAnews from VGChartz, the United States, Japan and worldwide, Nintendo DS and Wii are relatively far away competitors.